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Hvordan det går2021-2022)
performance, 20 min

upcomming:  Høstustillingen 2022, Oslo, Norway

performed:    Ravnedans, Kristiansand, 2021
                    Rosendal Teater, Trondheim, 2021

conact for access to full documentation

Koppen & Jorkjen - Soft Awakening, 2021
live streamed performance for Facebook Live

collaboration with Henrik Koppen
co-produced with Mellem-Rummet and Heimdal Kunstforening

Banshee Practice, 2020
performance, 18 min

curated by Collective Oslo and Performance Art Oslo
Technical and assistance: Silje Iversen Kristiansen
Photo: Sigrid Tveiten

Finding a very nice place, 2020
performance, 1 hour
performance for Instagram live
curated by Ingeborg Wie Henriksen (@dreams__n__memes)
(full documentation)

Untitled, 2020
performance for opening for Hatch 2020 in Agder Kunstsenter, Kristiansand
documentation excerpt 2 min of 15 min
(full 15 min version)

Kanalen for ting, 2020- 
a youtube channel
Foto: Istvan Virag

Found Text For Public Display, 2013-
performance, 18 min

a scripted and “site sensitive” performance in three acts with texts sourced and reappropriated from sources like,,,, Tinder, Grindr and various closed Facebook groups.

excerpt of performance 1.20 min
Galleri Seilduken 2018
Camera. Viktor Pedersen

Performed:  Galleri KIT, Trondheim 2013
                  Ekserserhuset, Kristiansand, 2016
                  ARTendal, Arendal, 2016
                  Galleri Seilduken, Oslo, 2018

The Hostess, 2019

The Hostess is a durational performance created for the publication and event The Suitors under MOMENTUM10: The Emotional Exhibition. The Hostess functions as: a misplaced airstewardess on a bus, art mediator, master of ceremonies, tour guide, dragqueen and a very emotional lipsyncer.

Photo: Emil Andersson

Koppen & Jorkjen (Henrik Koppen & Finn Adrian Jorkjen)
Soft Awakening, 2019
documentation of performance, excerpt 4 min
(full 37 min)

Photo: Josh Lake

Hjemme, 2016
video, 08:14

Untitled (Chandelier), 2016
video, 03:48

99#, 2015
video installation and performance

Where Everybody Knows Your Name, 2014

performance exhibition for Art, Anarchy and Apostacy, Trondheim Kunstmuseum
instructor: Prinz Gholam

untitled (cars, nature, tv shop), 2014
video, 12:58

Work: Free Toast, 2013
durational performance
Foto: Hanna Fauske, Artscene Trondheim

Lovesong, 2013
video, 3:44

Text & Content, 2013
performance, 20 min
A randomized montages of videoes from own youtube watch history, while narrating a stream of consciousness

Monologue, 2012
video, 2:33 min

Archive of older projects (coming soon I promise)